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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome Back To School

Salam uols n hyee readers..
Tomorrow (4.1.2012), welcome back to school. Hi SMK ADELA. We meet again with friends and teachers. All the things already done. This year, I'm PMR candidate 2012. My target is 8A PMR. Everyone wanna that. I'm ready wanna go to school.

oldest and latest stationery..

Pencil box, Pens and write book

New bag, Converse..
I like this colour :D

Oldest and latest pencil box

Maybe, I take a pic before go to school. I'm PMR candidate 2012. 8A's in PMR. U all wish me luck in exam.. :D

P/S : Nonie still kelas Best.. # Bestari. Alhamdulliah :D

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