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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lirik Lagu : Cinta Laura - We Can Do It

1, 2, 3, terus berlari jangan berhenti (don’t u ever give up)
Raih tanganku kita melaju menembus waktu (go, go, go!)
So come on, come on, janganlah ragu
Make your dreams come true

Don’t u worry ku disini
Don’t u worry still believe me
Cause we are the young, we are the young
Together we can do it

A, B, C, jangan sembunyi kuatkan hati
Cause life suck, life is a war
But don’t be afraid (go, go, go!)
Together we are the one, we are the one

Don’t u worry ku disini
Don’t u worry still believe me
Cause we are the young, we are the young
Together we can do it
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an idiom is a group of words whose meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words

1.a bird's-eye view -a view from a high position looking down 2.a feather in your cap -an action that you can be proud of 3. a man about town -a man who frequently goes to fashionable parties,clubs,theatres 4.bite the dust -to fall or to be defeated or destroyed 5.fight tooth and nail -to fight in a very determined way for what you want
6.have friends in high places
-to know important people who can help you
7.have your hands full
-to be very busy or too busy to do something else
8.keep the flag flying
-to represent your country or organization
9.let the cat out of the bag
-to tell a secret carelessly or by mistake
10.light at the end of the tunnel
-something that shows that you are nearly at the end of along and difficult time or situation
11.the jewel in the crown
-the most attractive or valuable part of something
12.turn over a new leaf
-to change your way of life to become a better,more responsible person
13.upset the apple cart
-to cause problems for somebody or spoil their plans
14.wash your dirty linen in public
-to discuss your personal affairs in public,especially something embarrassing

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Lirik Lagu : Sherina - Jalan Cinta

Semua resah hati manusiamu
Untuk membagi kisah atas nama cinta
Derai air mata di setiap sujudmu seperti tak pernah cukup untuk menjagaku
Jangan butakan hati menjadi cinta yang semu....oo... Cinta yang semu

Kau hembuskan ayat-ayat cinta untukku
Di sela doa dalam malam-malam yang sunyi
Ampun yang engkau pinta dalam semua keraguan yg tlah meliputi jiwamu
Semoga akan membawa cintamu

Pada diriku dalam jalan dan ridho-Nya
Jangan butakan hati menjadi cinta yang semu...oo... Cinta yang semu

Kau hembuskan ayat-ayat cinta untukku
Di tengah terik matahari dan dinginnya malam
Kau panjatkan ayat-ayat cinta pada-Nya
Melindungi dan menjaga kisah cinta kita...

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


a word or a phase that describes something by comparing it to something else that is similar using the word 'like' or 'as'

animals using 'as' fast as a cheetah calm as a cat hungry as a wolf blind as a bat cheerful as a lark playful as a kitten big as a whale clumsy as a bear proud as a peacock brave as a lion faithful as a dog slippery as an eel busy as a bee graceful as a swan slow as a snail strong as an ox stubborn as a mule timid as a mouse wet as a fish wise as an owl

plants or things using 'as' fresh as a daisy hard as iron soft as butter alike as two peas hot as fire sweet as honey cool as a cucumber light as a feather white as snow dry as a bone quick as lightning green as a grass sharp as a razor

using 'like'
1.chatters like a monkey 6.moves like a snail 11.swims like a fish
2.eats like a pig 7.runs like a deer 12.takes it like a man
3.eyes like a hawk 8.sings like a bird
4.fits like a glove 9.sit there like a bump on a log
5.fought like cats and dogs 10.stood out like a sore thumb

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


used to refer to a group of people,animals,things and plants of the same kind

1.a flock of birds 6.a pack of wolves 11.a flock of sheep
2.a gaggle of geese 7.a school of whales 12.a shoal of fish
3.a herd of cows 8.a swarm of bees army of ants
4.a litter of puppies 9.a team of horses
5.a nest of mice 10.a troop of monkeys

1.a team of players 6.a choir of singers 11.a school of pupils
2.a group of children 7.a crew of sailors 12.a staff of teachers
3.a bevy of beauties 8.a crowd of spectators 13.a troop of scouts army of soldiers 9.a gang of thieves
5.a band of musicians 10.a party of friends

1.a stack of books 6.a flight of stairs 11.a set of tools
2.a bundle of sticks 7.a heap of rubbish 12.a string of pearls
3.a tray of eggs 8.a library of books
4.a chest of drawers 9.a pair of scissors
5.a collection of stamps 10.a pile of stones

1.a bouquet of roses
2.a stalk of flower
3.a head of lettuce

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