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Thursday, August 6, 2009


a word or a phase that describes something by comparing it to something else that is similar using the word 'like' or 'as'

animals using 'as' fast as a cheetah calm as a cat hungry as a wolf blind as a bat cheerful as a lark playful as a kitten big as a whale clumsy as a bear proud as a peacock brave as a lion faithful as a dog slippery as an eel busy as a bee graceful as a swan slow as a snail strong as an ox stubborn as a mule timid as a mouse wet as a fish wise as an owl

plants or things using 'as' fresh as a daisy hard as iron soft as butter alike as two peas hot as fire sweet as honey cool as a cucumber light as a feather white as snow dry as a bone quick as lightning green as a grass sharp as a razor

using 'like'
1.chatters like a monkey 6.moves like a snail 11.swims like a fish
2.eats like a pig 7.runs like a deer 12.takes it like a man
3.eyes like a hawk 8.sings like a bird
4.fits like a glove 9.sit there like a bump on a log
5.fought like cats and dogs 10.stood out like a sore thumb

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