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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


used to refer to a group of people,animals,things and plants of the same kind

1.a flock of birds 6.a pack of wolves 11.a flock of sheep
2.a gaggle of geese 7.a school of whales 12.a shoal of fish
3.a herd of cows 8.a swarm of bees army of ants
4.a litter of puppies 9.a team of horses
5.a nest of mice 10.a troop of monkeys

1.a team of players 6.a choir of singers 11.a school of pupils
2.a group of children 7.a crew of sailors 12.a staff of teachers
3.a bevy of beauties 8.a crowd of spectators 13.a troop of scouts army of soldiers 9.a gang of thieves
5.a band of musicians 10.a party of friends

1.a stack of books 6.a flight of stairs 11.a set of tools
2.a bundle of sticks 7.a heap of rubbish 12.a string of pearls
3.a tray of eggs 8.a library of books
4.a chest of drawers 9.a pair of scissors
5.a collection of stamps 10.a pile of stones

1.a bouquet of roses
2.a stalk of flower
3.a head of lettuce

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