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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sadness =(

Salam uols n hyee readers..
Today I get to update my entry although my mother tell me.. Do it your homework now !! But I still at my lappy. Miss you, my sweet bloggie. Continue from this title. I don't know why I feel sadness. Uols wanna to know ? Ok I share it. This year, my friend's attitude are so different. Not like before that. Before that, they are my best friend. But now is not become my best friend. It become a crushed friendship.

Before that, I shared uols my entry about my crushed friendship. I hope uols read again about entry that. This year, I have important exam, PMR 2012. 8A's in PMR ! Every day, I must remember about my exam. I wanna to transfer another school. I don't stay at my own place, Felda Kledang cause my friend make me very hurt. All my friend like unknown me and not exist at SMK Adela. If I not study at this school, maybe my teachers and my friend never known me.

Another one, I very disappointed cause I don't get what I want at my school. Fed up ! It make me getting will transfer another school..

P/S : That's all for this entry. My mother ask me to do it my homework. See you in Saturday and Sunday if I don't have many homework. xoxo :)

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