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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Dare You !!

Salam u all n hyee my readers...
Do you remember what I write the entry last week n yesterday ?? If u don't remember, please click HERE and HERE ok.. Last week,an entry about buffet Eid Ul Fitri n absent in Ibnu Sina's Class(extra classes). Actually,the class for subject Sejarah. She ask who absent her class do the questions n answer for Sejarah as much as 36 questions. That many !! She think can send in tomorrow.. Nonsense la~~

Yesterday,an entry about fed up !! Argh !!. Now, my heart is very sick with them. So delicate want to say the truth. They make me stress up. U don't say a bad thing. Sick !! Sick !! Sick!!
I hopefully the end year no have any problem..

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