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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About My Life

Salam u all n hyee my readers...
Already a long time not update about my story.Always busy until can't do it anything.U do know about the final exam..I think in 10 October 2011..So afraid when I thinking about this exam..I must exam in grade A & B.Honestly,I say 8 subject in PMR not pass when my teacher said to all my class must get A & B.In exam,I always get 1A or 2A only..I must try my mistake about my study..

My class always strike the punish with the same teacher..So terrible n my class is the famous with the punish n all the teachers look my class like a bad discipline...Argh!! Don't raise up all the happened to my class at this year..I don't like!! Damn,Serious..Enough!! I don't want be happen again..I know teacher..It's fault to all my classmate but please don't make me stress include my friend..

About the friendship...
Nowadays,Is it not exist about BFF?? For me,No BFF in my live..Because what?? I sick with my BFF..Circumstance changed them for anything..Bak the idiom said in malay 'Siapa makan cili dia terasa peda'..Now, I most like be friendly to all..

About someone...
I hope someone understand what I feel now...So difficult.Erm.. =(

That's all for all my life..I don't want tell more story about my life.
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