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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I know u have many fans :'(

Salam guys n hyee my readers..
Today, I have a few disappointed with someone.. When someone have send a post with his friend.. Why not post with me ?? I know u have many fans include me.. Do u understand me ?? I wanna u know that.. That's all.. Honestly, I'm miss my old memorable.. Now, it's only dreams.. Maybe what I think it is not become reality.. Please make me happy. Now, I confused with my life. I don't know with who I wanna to share the story. . .

* Capital tet, please read my post at my blog.. I really wanna u to read.. miss u

Kesedihan yg melampau . . .

P/s : #todayidontwanttosay..justquietonly..nothingtosay ...

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