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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My brother's wedding(Helmi & Sharifah)at Serkam

Hey guys....
So long I not update this blog...Miss u all..Today I want to share the story about my brother's wedding at Serkam,Melaka in 29.1.2011..Actually,the wedding ceremony in 28.1.2011..I have absent from the class and at the same time my 3 friend(Mimie,Fatin n Isma) also...We want to have cuti-cuti Malaysia first before chinese new year...Probably in truant school la...haha...I ridethe bus with my family and the people blok 16 Felda Kledang...
This's my sister in-law..Her name is Sharifah Nor

My brother when say akad nikah

Their marriage already in ijab and kabul..alhamdulliah
menyarungkan cincin

It's time to pictorial...huhu

Abg Hel,Kak Manis n I...hehe :)

After wedding, we rest at boarding house near with the bride house.After 30 minutes,we go to Banda Hilir,Melaka...Best!!!!First,we must be go shopping.Secondly,we at Taming Sari Tower...

After that,malam tu have hennaed ceremony.In 29.1.2011,have the big wedding ceremony n I think 3.30 clock have majlis potong kek..Mase nk balik mmg tengah hujan...basah kuyup jadi nya..huhu
malam berinai
Majlis Persandingan
Majlis potong kek

That's all for the story...
I don't know the sentence is right or wrong but I do it the best..Kdg2 malu gak kalau ayat nie tonggang terbalik...huhu

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